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What is shooting full stage€¯ only?
We believe that its nearly impossible to zoom in and pan across dancers  while providing equal camera time€¯ for all dancers. Shooting full stage removes this problem and also provides a full stage view so you can see the dance the way it was choreographed.
Can clients order online?
Yes! We can setup a dedicated and password protected web page for your  event. From here clients can print and order by mail, order safely and  securely with credit card via Paypal, and also monitor the progress of  the USB production.
Are events filmed in HD?
Yes, all events are captured in full 1080 16:9 (widescreen) High Definition. One of the distinct advantages to USB and Digital Delivery is the ability to supply clients with Full HD videos. DVD’s could not physically provide this as DVD could only display 720 resolution.
Can you capture audio direct from the venue sound board?
Yes, in many cases. Our camera's have the ability to capture direct audio  via an XLR input. If we are positioned close enough to run an XLR cable  AND your venue can provide a Passive XLR Channel€¯, we can capture audio directly. I am always available to discuss all the audio options and we have a few different solutions for capturing direct audio, ambient  audio, or in some cases a combination. Ambient audio (using only the  cameras on board microphones) is the standard setup for most events,  which in most cases provides the sounds of tap shoes, dancers clapping  and audience applause. Capturing audio from sound board is also  dependent on the technical capabilities of both the venues sound boards  audio out¯ port configuration to our cameras in¯ port capabilities. We have many adapters and can typically make most setups work, however  there are situations that may render audio capture from a sound board  unobtainable.
Do you have any samples for viewing online?
Due to the sensitive ages and clients privacy, we do not have any video  samples online. I am always happy to host a meet & greet or perhaps I can visit your dance studio to discuss details. I can show a previous  recital videos at this meeting. We do have a video page on Youtube where  you may get a feel of our work: Visit our Youtube Page Here
How long does it take to edit, produce and ship USB’s?
We strive to deliver as quickly as possible. In most cases, we can deliver within a few weeks of the event date.
My question is not posted here?
Please contact us for any additional questions by Clicking Here


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