Bay State Recitals


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The world of live events has many challenges including constantly changing lighting, audio, and camera position just to name a few. As of 2017 we have filmed over 50 dance recitals and no 2 are ever the same and each presents its own set of challenges.

We shoot full stage to capture every dancer and provide the same amount of “screen time” for all the dancers. The downside of this is that sometimes we are zoomed out and its hard to recognize faces. If we zoom in for close ups, we cut out other dancers.

Audio is dependent on the venues capability and provisions. When a venue provides us with a “clean” source of audio (via cable), the resulting video will have a nice audio soundtrack. When we cant capture audio from the venue we capture from the cameras microphone.

DVD’s are burned with a Sony duplicator which burns the DVD then does an integrity check after each burn. We are confident that when a burned DVD passes the integrity check that all is fine, but there have been rare instances when disc errors occur. Disc errors typically result in pixelated video, skipping and freezing up.


What does all this mean? Well, we strive to do our very best for your production but sometimes things just don't go exactly as planned. Recital DVD production takes about 30-40 hours from start to finish and we hope this results in a video you are happy with. If you feel you may have a disc error or bad DVD, we are happy to provide a replacement. If your just not happy with the results we are just as happy to provide a full refund upon receiving the returned DVD. Simply Contact Us  and let us know how we can help 2018